24 June 2024

Consumers in Poland are increasingly paying attention to eco-friendly packaging, especially for food products, according to a representative survey, EKObarometr, conducted by SW RESEARCH in collaboration with the Akomex Group. The latest eco-survey reveals that for 27% of people buying fruits and vegetables, eco-friendly packaging is a key purchasing factor. However, not all product categories show the same interest in eco-friendliness. Sweets and beverages are clear exceptions, where other factors such as price and quality outweigh ecology. Although ecology is important for 54% of respondents, only 7% always choose products with eco-friendly packaging.

The latest EKObarometr research indicates growing environmental awareness among Polish consumers. An analysis of the results concerning the importance of eco-friendly packaging in various product categories shows a varied approach depending on the type of product. The more “food-related” the category, the greater the importance of eco-friendly packaging. The highest importance is attributed by consumers buying fruits and vegetables, with 27% of respondents considering it the main factor influencing their purchase. A slightly lower but still significant percentage (20% and 24%) indicates eco-friendly packaging as a key factor when buying takeout food, meat, and fish. Similar trends can be observed for cosmetics, medicines, and hygiene products, where about 20-21% of respondents point to eco-friendly packaging as the main purchasing factor. Eco-friendly packaging is less significant for consumers choosing sweets and beverages (18% and 19%, respectively). In these categories, other factors such as price, material weight, or product quality may be decisive.

For more than half of Poles, eco-friendly packaging is an important factor when making purchasing decisions for various types of products. This shows the growing awareness of our compatriots and how consumer behavior can impact the environment around us. However, still, a minority of Poles always want to buy products in eco-friendly packaging. I think this highlights the importance of further educating our society about the impact of packaging on the environment. For us, it is significant that 47% of respondents choose products packaged in solid cardboard eco-friendly packaging – even if they are more expensive than others in the same category – because it can be easily recycled and made from biodegradable ecological raw materials. Our capital group consciously invests in material solutions and innovations that can contribute to the further spread of such packaging, notes Grzegorz Łajca, President of the Akomex Group.

The survey also shows that 38% of Poles rarely choose products packaged in an eco-friendly way, primarily considering the price, which suggests that for a significant group of consumers, costs are important but perhaps not the most crucial factor. Only 8% of respondents declare that price is the only factor and, disregarding ecology, always opt for the cheapest products.

The EKObarometr 2024 survey was conducted by the research agency SW RESEARCH on a representative group of 1500 respondents, analyzing their approach to eco-friendly packaging in various product categories.

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