Our projects


Continuity Plan.

Diverse machine park that allows the production process to be optimised for small, medium, and large production runs.

Dedicated, integrated IT system.

Lead times adjusted to customer requirements.

Supply chain guarantee.


We have many years of experience in the production of packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, personal care, cosmetics and technical products markets.

A wide range – we create both simple and very complex and highly processed structures.

We support our customers throughout the packaging creation process, from graphical design, to tests and production.

We design and adjust packaging to individual needs of the customers, taking account of the product characteristics, expected effect on the shelf, as well as requirements in the scope of logistics and packing.

Our machinery allows us to carry out both small and large production runs, taking account of the specificity and requirements concerning the customer’s packing process.

We help our customers optimise the time to market.


Our R&D department creates dedicated solutions that take account of trends in packaging design and manufacturing such as environmental protection and reducing the amount of plastics.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly and characterised by high resistance to moisture, fats, and air, while simultaneously ensuring product durability.

We have an internal laboratory to certify packaging quality and technical parameters.

We realise that packaging plays a special role in this industry. That is why, the technologies we apply guarantee the highest precision of refinement.

We use selected raw materials of guaranteed quality in order to ensure that the packaging is aesthetic and has the expected effect when on the shelf.

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