Maintaining taste, nutritional, and aesthetic qualities of food

High resistance to moisture, air, and fats

Storage both in room temperature, as well as a refrigerator or freezer

Ideal for portioning fish, meat, cheese slices and pastries

Skin trays

are characterized by reduced plastic content with maintenance of special barrier properties. A carton printed on both sides is the base of the tray. Its upper part is additionally laminated with a special foil which may be suitable for contact with food.




The carton used for production of skin trays comes from renewable sources. Thanks to the well-thought-of construction, the amount of used plastic and petrochemical materials in the final package is considerably lower. An important aspect is also the fact that the target user (after using the product) can easily separate the foil from the carton and put both components in proper containers for segregation of waste.

  • 75% less plastic in final packaging
  • Carton from sustainable sources
  • Easy separation of the plastic layer is conducive for recycling
  • Lower petroleum-derived raw material consumption
  • Savings in transport and storage
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Extended freshness of a product
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